In this section you can find all our yarns with the relative color charts. You can see the folder of our collections and various types of yarns, ranging from PURE CASHMERE to  CASHMERE BLEND.

At every season we propose precious yarns, realized with shades and chromatic armonies of great effect and in line with the actual trends. 

Every yarn is made with the most fine materials. 

The superior quality of Cashmere fibers are from  the Hircus Laniger goats, which lives in Mongolia and in the Chinese northern regions, where the winter is frigid and the summer is torrid. This peculiar conditions are guarantee the best quality of “duvet” and is for this reason that there is not any other fiber like the Cashmere of this regions.

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Fine yarns in pure and cashmere blend, silk and angora.

Fine yarns in cashmere blend, cotton, silk and viscose.