Made in Italy production

The noblest, most precious and fine lots of this special fiber come from China and Mongolia, lands characterized by immense spaces and a profound charm.

Here lives the goat “Hircus Laniger“, from which the finest cashmere derives, subsequently processed and spun in our headquarters in Bevagna.

capra hircus laniger
filati made in italy

The care, style, creativity, attention and knowledge of the Italian productive force is unrivaled.

For this reason, respecting tradition, we offer a made in Italy product in every phase, giving the maximum guarantee of quality for highly specialized customers with a sophisticated taste.

Artisan Excellence

We offer products of the highest level, both in terms of quality and extreme personalization of the article. We use color charts that are easy to read and in line with current trends.

We create “tailor-made” products both in colors and in the technical characteristics of the yarn in a short time and according to the needs of the most attentive customer

Filati Power, despite being highly industrialized, thanks to the use of latest generation machinery, maintains aspects of craftsmanship, made of knowledge of raw materials and yarn manufacturing processes that are handed down from generation to generation.